MediaTemple Review & Coupons 2019

Before committing to buy a hosting plan from any hosting company first we must know about it and whether its hosting is reliable or not.

So here is my review on Media Temple hosting and also a video review of the media temple’s custom hosting panel and their customer support which is also recorded in my video below.

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About Media Temple :

Mediatemple is a web hosting company started in 1998 so its now about 18 years old ( when i wrote this post ). It has a long record of serving customers with its best hosting services. It was later bought by Godaddy but it operates separately.Learn more about it in Wikipedia here.

Sure there are many to choose from, however not all are created equally and your hosting needs will be much different from someone else’s.

They hosting solutions provide better Uptime Guarantee and staging sites options for better development.

So what do you do?

Well, you can keep searching online or you can stop looking, because you just found the hosting service that can meet any and every one of your needs, here at Media Temple.

Here’s a closer look several of the hosting options offered by Media Temple:


What are the things to check about Media Temple before you decide to buy a hosting plan ?

  1. Is Customer service good ?
  2. Does their server’s perform better than other web hosting providers ?
  3. Is their servers experience have less downtime than other providers ?
  4. Is their service best for your online business ?
  5. Do they provide better protection again malware ?
  6. Do they have a Money back guarantee policy ?

WordPress Hosting

Are you a small business owner or a sole proprietor looking for a small package. Are you a bigger company looking for something robust and know you need a content management system like WordPress to do the job? WordPress plans include

The Personal plan is an entry level plan provides you with 30GB of storage, two websites with a capacity of four hundred thousand monthly visits at a cost of $20 per month.

The Studio plan offers 100GB of storage, ten sites, two million monthly visits, and two Google Apps for your email and user accounts at a monthly fee of $60. The annual Studio plan offers one domain and SSL certificate.

The Agency plan provides 500GB storage, ten million visits, 50 websites, and 5 Google Apps at $240 per month. The annual Agency plan offers one domain registration and two SSL certificates.

The Enterprise plan gives you a terabyte of storage, 250 websites, infinite monthly visits, and 25 Google Apps at a reasonable monthly fee (need to call for pricing). The annual Enterprise Plan offers custom domain registration and SSL certificate.

Shared Hosting – Grid Hosting

Are you looking for something more along the lines of shared hosting? Media Temple has you covered there as well with its . With its grid service the downtime is reduced. Here are the shared hosting plans provided.

The Pro plan costs you $30 a month and offers you ten sites. It comes with 20GB of storage, 1TB bandwidth, one Google App, one site global CDN, a one site malware detection & removal, and 2,000 GPU compute.

The Agency plan costs you $150 per mont . It gives you 100GB of storage, 5TB bandwidth, 4,000 GPU compute, and global CDN, malware detection and deletion, and web application firewall for five sites.

The Agency+ plan is managed by CloudTech. This plan gives you 100GB storage capacity, 50 websites, 5TB bandwidth, 5 Google Apps, 4,000 GPU compute and global CDN, web application firewall, malware detection and elimination for five sites. It costs 350$ per month.

VPS Hosting

Looking for VPS Hosting? Yeah, they got that too.

You will need $30 per month for the Self-Managed plan that offers you root access and performance monitoring service.

The Managed Plan starts at 55$ per month. You will get performance monitoring, automatic daily back-ups, scanning of your security and malware, application and OS updates through the control panel and automated malware deletion.

The Fully-Managed Plan has a professional Sysadmin that manages the root access for $249 a month. You also get security and malware scanning, server & setup configuration and much more.

Dedicated Hosting Server

Are your needs more in the way of dedicated server hosting? Here’s a look at what Media Temple has to offer in this area.

You get 10Tb bandwidth per month, 128GB buffered DDR3 RAM, 1TB storage, write-cache that is battery-backed and flash-backed as well as dual-socket Intel Xeon multi-core processors. The Self-Managed plan allows you root access for $2,000 per month.

There are managed and fully managed plans available, as well as a self-managed option that comes with tons of features (too many to list here).

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Are your needs more in the way of Fully Managed VPS hosting? Here is what Media Temple can give you.

At $249 a month, you can enjoy a RAM of 2GB – 128GB, 30GB – 1TB storage capacity, and 2TB-10TB bandwidth. It also offers daily backups, managed server setup, automated application updates, application and plugin installation, daily backup, security scan and malware deletion.

If you have been looking for a hosting service that offers a variety of plans, at a cost that you can afford then you may want to give Media Temple a chance.

With multiple plans to choose from, you are sure to find something that will fill your web hosting needs.

Watch the video below for a complete review of Media temple Control panel and features.


They provide a customized CPanel which includes easy to use staging environment.It is very easy to use and offers a better experience than other custom control panels. Check out this youtube video tutorial and review of media temple hosting below

Media Temple Customer service :

Their support staffs are available 24×7 for any questions for live chat or you can create a support ticket.

Customer service number :


Conclusion :

Hope you liked our long review of mediatemple hosting services. If you have any questions, Let us know in the comments sections below. Also make sure to use media temple offers to get discounts.