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Our Media Temple inc (MT) review begins with the fact that Media Temple was founded in 1998 and has established a name for itself with its VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting options. Fun fact, they were acquired by GoDaddy in 2013 and are still going strong.

Services include: Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, Shared, Shared Plus, Self Managed VPS, and Fully Managed VPS. Why VPS vs traditional shared hosting? Shared hosting is normally a prepackaged turnkey solution that limits customization options whereas VPS allows one the freedom to setup however is needed such as media temple ftp access or server level administration.

Another service is media temple grid service that is basically a customizable Mediatemple grid server and yes, migration is an option. The Grid Platform is a form of shared hosting with a few key features that make it faster and more reliable than shared hosting platforms. It uses clustered architecture and LAMP compatibility for the most popular Linux server-side application technologies, including Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, & MySQL.

Media Temple Hosting

If more than than just WordPress hosting is required, Media Temple hosting is the way to go. Services include: Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, Shared, Shared Plus, Self Managed VPS, and Fully Managed VPS. They are transparent about system status. Mediatemple status is found on the main site which is a good sign. Click here to see if media temple down or not.

It is possible to create media temple google apps using their service. Be sure to secure the connection by implementing a media temple ssl certificate on your media temple staging site. This Media Temple hosting review is designed to help provide ideas on how to use their service. Our mediatemple review in cluded VPS which really opens up a ton of possibilities.

I researched Media Temple vs others and recommend mediatemple wordpress hosting for the reasons mentioned above but, the best part is, they allow anyone to easily scale! Finally, their support staff is top notch based on reviews and feedback from existing customers. Look for a mediatemple offer code below if you are in to that sort of thing.

Media Temple Pricing

Media-Temple managed WordPress sites start at $25 (USD) /mo and the price increases from there to their largest offering targeting large enterprises. These plans include great service and support. They are not the cheapest option but are unmatched in their support capabilities. Sometimes a media temple coupon is available to save some cash. See the link below for Media Temple special offer code or mediatemple discount code. Sometimes they can be found when searching for mediatemple coupons or mediatemple dv coupon codes. Give them a try!

Media Temple Hosting Plans

Media Temple Coupon

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